Pet Friendly Loganville Fences

Do you have a yard that needs to be enclosed by a pet friendly fence?  Depending on what type of breed your dog is there are many solutions to make sure “Fido” stays put in his yard.  A tall privacy fence is essential for keeping your dog within his own domain and actually prevents him from barking at people outside his area.  A 6ft dog ear fence is a solid choice for pet owners for many reasons:

  1. Prevents jumping dogs from leaping over the fence (in most cases)
  2. The Fence can be installed to make sure a digging dog can’t escape
  3. Provides an area where a dog can run around free without worrying about cars and other people.
  4. Allows dogs to reign in their own area with affecting neighbors and serviceman who are working/living in their own space.

We have completed numerous jobs for multiple clients that require fence solutions for their pets.  Just recently, we installed a privacy wood fence to enclose a clients backyard and then set-up a secondary aluminum fence specifically for their pet.  This type of solution allows our client to grow a garden, flowers or any other activity where a dog could spoil the fun.  Here is a picture of the fence we just recently installed from one of our happy pet owners.