Preserving your wood fence

How do you care for a fence after it is installed?  The first step in caring for your fence is letting the boards set for 30-60 days.  This allows the moisture to dissipate and for the boards be in a more final preparation for sealing.   Many people may try using a garden sprayer, but they have rounded nozzles and tend to spray erratically.  I recommend getting a pump sprayer which have fan like nozzles which allows you to apply an even coat around your new fence or deck.  There are many popular sealers such as Thompson’s water sealer, but they don’t do an adequate job of sealing your deck or fence long term.  I have heard countless stories about people having to reapply Thompson’s water sealer every 6-12 months.  Find a sealer such as Sherwin Williams oil based sealer for long last results.  It is also important to buy a tinted sealer which will allow for a longer duration seal.

With the variety of weather that Georgia welcomes it is important to seal your deck and fence in time before summer and winter. During the summer you may get an abundance of rain with tremendous.  Likewise with winter you can expect sub freezing temperatures and moisture that may sit on your deck and fence for days at a time.  Protect your investment by maintaining and providing the protection your fence and deck need.